Some mexican gastronómic icons

Some mexican gastronómic icons


Gastronomia Mexicana

Mexico is a country that has a huge and important gastronomy, for that reason it would be difficult to expose each of the dishes that exist in the country. Also we must keep in mind that each region can have more than 20 traditional dishes. However, this time we will try to recommend some of these traditional dishes for you to try them according to the place where you are now or have plans to travel.

1. Nuevo León

Cabrito: roasted kid goat on a spit over a slow-burning charcoal fire, frequently rotated  and basted well to enhance the flavor.

2. Sonora y Sinaloa

Chimichanga: is prepared by filling a flour tortilla with all kind of ingredients, most commonly, cheese, machaca, carne adobada, shredded chicken, etc. and folding it into a small package. It is then deep-fried and can be bathed with salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese.

3. Sinaloa

Chilorio: pork fried in chile sauce. The pork is slow-simmered for hours until it falls apart. It is then broken into bite size pieces, fried in lard, and cooked in a chile sauce made from dried chiles. The sauce is usually flavored with onions, cumin and garlic.

4. Guadalajara

Tortas ahogadas: sandwiches on a French bread, filled with meat and bathed (or drowned) with tomato and hot chili sauce (very traditional in the soccer games).

5. Michoacán

Carnitas: is pork shoulder slow-cooked in a casserole with oil and few spices, then shredded for stuffing in tacos, or tostadas.

6. Puebla

Mole poblano: is a thick, rich, chocolate-tinged sauce. More specifically is a classic stew of chicken cooked in a mix of chiles, chicken stock, spices, plums and chocolate and is typically served with rice (in Mexico was common to serve it in some special events, but now you can find it in any restaurant all over the country).

7. Oaxaca

Tlayudas: In fact this are a kind of street food, is a big tortilla topped with beans, tomato, meat and cheese.

 8. Tabasco

Pejelagarto asado: pejelagarto is a Gar fish (freshwater garfish, alligator gar fish, silver needlefish or needlefish) which is found in rivers of this state. The fish is seasoned with chile amashito and lemon juice. The fish is skewered on long stick or rod which makes it easier for grilling and turning.

9. Chiapas

Tamales de Chipillin: massecuite tamale to which is added chipillin (herb native of Central America belonging to the family Fabaceae), string cheese and chicken broth, wrapped in banana sheets and cooked

10. Yucatán

Cochinita pibil: is a popular preparation made of wrapping pork in banana leaves. The pork is marinated in sour orange and achiote– a sweet, slightly peppery red sauce made from annatto seed, a plant found in the tropics – and baked in a hand-dug barbecue pit in the ground for several hours. Is typically served in tacos or tortas.

11. Baja California Norte y Sur

Red Lobster: cooked in a variety of ways



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